8-18 NOVEMBER 2018


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It’s been twelve years that we’ve been filling a void in the Catalan cultural scene by giving voice to Arab and Mediterranean cinema because we are convinced that cinema, among other things, can help us understand the world we live in and also encourage us to develop our critical thinking. This effort is essential if we want to move forward in our troubled, complex and challenging world. This world in full transformation needs, more than ever, empathy and solidarity between all humans.

This year 2018 will be full of surprises. We plan on keeping the "Guest Country" section and we’re aiming at opening our doors again this year to Syrian filmography. Therefore, we will pay special attention to films belonging to this country or its filmmakers.


Participation requirements

1- Movies or documentary movies up to 60 minutes in length, filmed by directors from Arab countries in the last 3 years (unlimited time limit for films from guest country).

2- Please send a download link or DVD copy before May 31, 2018. The film must be subtitled in French, English or Spanish.

3- The Film Festival will only contact the persons in charge of the selected films. The copies received will not be returned.


Selected Movies

4- In case a movie is selected, we ask you to please send us the following items before the July 15, 2018:


  • Synopsis
  • Biography and filmography of the director
  • Photography of the director and of the film in JPG 300dpi format
  • Film Poster in JPG 300dpi format
  • List of the dialogues in timecode (in English, French or Spanish).


Movies’ Subtitles

5- The movies will be projected in V.O (original version), subtitled in Catalan or Spanish. The Festival will be providing subtitling for the selected movies.



6- The Festival  will only be responsible for costs related to the transport of the selected movies for their scheduled screening and back to the distributor once the Festival is over following a previously agreed upon protocol.


Promotion and circulation of the selected films

7- The owners of the film’s rights authorize the Film Festival to use images (max. 3 minutes) of their film for the promotion and advertisement of the Festival during our communication campaign.



8- A maximum of 2 screenings will be scheduled for each selected film.




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